Concert Critique

11 01 2011

Abby Murray-Nikkel

Mr. Haning

Varsity Chorus 1st period B

January 10, 2011

Concert Critique-Christmas Concert


We had our Christmas concert this week on January 6, unfortunately postponed from its original date in December. Varsity sang three songs, “Fum, Fum, Fum,” “Ding-A Ding-A Ding,” and “Banquet Fugue,” and Glee Club sang “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” Overall, our performance was good, but I do feel that we would have done better if we had performed in December when all of the songs were fresh in our minds.

On “Fum, Fum, Fum,” we did a good job getting all of the notes and rhythms correct, but we could have been a little more precise with diction. I think we also did a good job of not cutting off the word “fum” too quickly when they were fast and of making a dramatic crescendo leading up to the forte portion of the piece.

I felt that we did a good performance of “Ding-A Ding-A Ding.” I think that as a choir we were more together and more into this song because we all like it so much. Our precision was improved from how it was when we started, but I think we could still work on being precise one hundred percent of the time. Having a quartet sing the “Merrily on high” part with everyone else singing the “ding-a ding-a ding” part when we split worked out better than the other things that we tried.

In my opinion, of the songs we performed, “Banquet Fugue” was the one that could use the most work. The start by the alto section was not strong; we did not all come in at the same time and we did not initially agree on a pitch. We should have thought about the pitch more before starting. At a later point in the song, we again did not agree on a few pitches, which caused some of the harmonies to go awry. Overall, I felt that on this song, each section did an alright job, but we were not all together. We were not feeling the music together and were not singing as one. I also think that we should have put more emphasis on acting out emotions to better portray the joke of the song to the audience. We should have sung more properly and exaggerated throughout the piece, instead of just in a few certain places.

I felt that overall, Varsity Choir could have worked more on putting emotion into the pieces we performed. Things are different because it is Christmas music, and we all understand what kind of emotion it entails, but I do think that focusing on a mood or an emotion can help a performer channel the right kind of thought and energy into their performance, which would have helped us all be on one page together.

Glee’s performance of “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” went very well considering we were missing two out of ten singers. I felt our performance of this song was extremely improved from our last concert performance of “Build Me Up Buttercup.” This could be due to more experience performing, having more experience singing with each other, or just having more rehearsal time with this particular piece. I think we blended much better and were more together than before, especially in the alto section. Our tone was good, we were well balanced, and we portrayed the fun mood of the piece fairly well; I was very pleased. Having had practice performing this piece on our school tour and at our McDonald’s performance really helped us feel comfortable performing it.





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