Concert Review

4 03 2011

Abby Murray-Nikkel

Mr. Haning

Varsity Chorus 1st B

March 3, 2011

Concert Review


This past weekend we had our annual concert downtown at Hay Street United Methodist during Fourth Friday. I always love this concert in particular because it often draws many people who would not come to our concerts that are at school, so we get to perform for a different type of audience. Overall, I felt that our performance was good, but not as good as it could have been. I also think that our quality of performance varied between pieces more than usual.

The Seal Lullaby is one of my favorite pieces and I was very excited to perform it. We did not have as much time as usual to prepare this song, and our performance went fairly well considering this. However, I do think that we all have the skill and ability to do better than we did on this piece. Though we tried to get the dynamics right in order to portray the meaning of the song, we did not actually feel and portray to the audience the emotion of the song.

In my opinion we performed our best on Dirait On. We blended well together, had pretty good vowels, and did show some dynamic contrast. I think this song went better than it sometimes had because we were all focused and engaged. In this song, it is essential that we all are focused on our vowels and listening across the choir. One thing that I have noticed to be consistently wrong on this piece is the pronunciation of certain words.

Our performance of Witness was not true to what we are capable of doing and what we have done in rehearsal. I felt like we were pushing in order to fill up the space and be loud, but this compromised our sound. The song did not tune like it should, and overall we did not blend together. I think we need to try to sing more intensely without singing too loudly. In this song, we all need to listen to each other so that it tunes well. I think that in this song, we often forget to keep these things in mind.

Despite some things that we could improve in, I was happy with the way that our concert turned out overall. In my opinion, there are just a few things that are sometimes lacking across the board and that we should pay special attention to; maturity and depth of sound, and portraying emotion. These are things that we have proven we can do, but often forget.




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