Festival Review

25 03 2011

Abby Murray-Nikkel

Mr. Haning VarsityChorus 1b

March 24, 2011

Festival Review

A few weeks ago, we performed in our annual choral contest, festival. Overall, we received a score of one, or superior, which was very exciting! We worked for months preparing for festival in hopes of receiving this score. I was very proud of my fellow choir students for achieving this. However, our score was on the low end of a one, and I do believe that we had the potential to do better.

At festival we sang two songs, Dirait On and Witness, that were both rated at difficulty level five. The two pieces were very different, and I think this showed our versatility and ability to do different types of music well. Dirait On showcased our ability to sing softly and delicately, to have good pronunciation in another language, and to portray flowing musicality. On the other hand, Witness showcased our abilities to have good dynamic contrast, keep good rhythm, tune difficult chords, and portray passionate emotion.

Our performance of Dirait On at festival was certainly one of the best that we have done. We blended so well, and at many parts we sounded like one single voice. I think we also did a fairly good job of portraying the emotion of the piece. One thing that we could still improve on in this piece is our pronunciation. I noticed that some people learned the pronunciations wrong from the beginning, and then no matter how many times they were reminded of the correct pronunciation, they would still do it incorrectly. This was frustrating to me because I want everyone in our choir to do the best that they are capable of doing. It stressed to me the importance of learning pronunciations precisely correct from the very beginning.

In my opinion, our performance of Witness was not one of our best. The very first pitch was completely off, and this was also very frustrating to me because I found that this was something that was consistently done wrong and was never corrected for good. Throughout the piece we did a good job of tuning chords, changing dynamics, and portraying emotion. The chords at the end could have tuned better, but this was something we could never really get right. I really enjoyed singing this piece because of the passionate emotions that it portrays. I think this made everyone feel a good connection with the piece, which caused us to be more engaged.

Overall, I was proud of our performance at Festival. However, I did see some room for improvement. I also think that the pieces we performed were also ones that helped us grow as individual musicians and as a choir.




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