Reflections Upon the Moon

10 02 2015

Abby's Creative Flow


How often are we fully present with the world around us? Annie Dillard shares a reflection that is quite poignant in the opening paragraphs of the chapter “Seeing” from Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. She reflected upon how as a child she would leave pennies on the sidewalk for strangers to pick up. She noticed that people may not recognize or appreciate something as supposedly tiny as a penny. To her, this may represent a phenomena in which people fail to recognize the little gifts that are left along the way. She states at some can become so impoverished that “he won’t stoop to pick up a penny.” In this case, the poverty Annie speaks about is not necessarily physical, but could be referring to a lack of spiritual nourishment–a lack of connection to the spirit in those things both inner and outward in this existence. I must admit, Annie’s magnificent…

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